This Dog Is Stuck In A Crevice. What The Firefighters Did? So Breathtaking!

Dogs seem to chase almost everything that comes on their way. It gets even serious when the animal they have just seen is a squirrel. It’s like they have something in their DNA which forces them to chase all bushy-tailed rodents around. That being the case, this Californian pooch had some reason to chase one around.

If only the pooch could have known what was awaiting when it started that chase, it could have dropped the whole idea. While chasing his prey, he accidentally, fell into a cliff’s crevice. It was not that easy to carry out the rescue mission since the crevice was somehow hidden. It required firefighters to offer a helping hand so as to save the entire situation.

Smoky’s reaction when he finally reunites with his owner is not priceless. Though his owner had panicked, he was happy to learn that he was in perfect condition after being rescued. We hope the next time he decides to go after his prey, he will think twice before doing it. What do you think about the entire rescue mission?

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