Song Composed By Dad To His Newborn Baby Girl Gets Famous Overnight!

Ivy is a baby girl born to Matt and Abigail. When Matt’s buddies asked him if he would compose a song for the 11 days old toddler, he nodded. Little did he know that the song was going to turn heads.

Matt said that one of his friends had challenged him to write a song for his newborn baby girl, something that he obliged. Though he was not used to such stuff, he composed a funny song that talked about the experience the children encounter while dreaming. It only lasted him 20 minutes to come up with it.

In the following video, we see Ivy dead asleep. His father nears her bed and starts to play his guitar singing the song about the seas, oceans, wild animals and spaceships. That same night, he uploaded the song to his Facebook page, and the following morning the clip had become popular worldwide.

Matt said that he was able to compose the song with the help of Ivy. He went ahead to say that, while near her at 11 o’clock in the night, he played the beats and she would nod to the ones she liked and stopped to the ones that she didn’t!

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