Little Girl Shows Up At A College Campus And Touches Everyone’s Soul. So Kind!

How many times have you been kind to someone? Now, how many times have you extended an act of kindness to a complete stranger? Well, this little lady here is about to teach you something about love and compassion for people. Get ready!

Now, here’s is Rhea and her dad, Isaac Sanders. Sanders wants his little girl to learn something about kindness towards people, so he sets out to carry out random acts of the same within a campus setting. To make things sweeter, it’s Rhea doing all the stuff while the dad is just shooting the video. You’ll fall for this one!

So there she goes to shop and comes out with a bag full of goodies. Rhea plans to distribute these to completely random people within the campus. You’ll love just how she picks out her “targets.” From flowers to ice cream, Rhea has chosen the best for the people she wishes to be kind to. In fact, as one of the ladies confesses, this little one is making their day!

Watch as she goes around spreading her kindness and hugging people, and you’ll want to emulate her. So when are you starting this?

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