Kid Sends Missed Dad Airplane Notes, Neighbor Receives It And His Reply Is Too Sweet To Miss!

Paper &Packaging has an emotional commercial that will move you to tears.  What would you do to keep contact with your dad who is miles away?

The heart-melting commercial features a small boy whose father is working in the military. The boy studies a map trying to figure out how to reach out to his dad. He decides to make paper planes.


The boy sails his paper planes across the backyard and hopes his father receives them.


The boy’s paper planes land in their neighbor’s yard. The kind old neighbor opens the planes. He finds out the boy is missing his father.


The kind neighbor helps out the boy by secretly mailing the paper planes to his father.


The boy’s father is delighted to receive the letter from his son. He writes back, and the boy receives paper planes in their yard.


However, the clueless boy has no idea his neighbor is helping him.


When the boy opens the paper planes, he sees it is from his dad, and he smiles. More paper planes fly in his compound.


The commercial will leave a smile on your face for sure.

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