Here’s The Japanese-Italian Who Is Laughing At Her Age. See What She Did!

Personally, I have one very strong mission: If I must age, then I must age gracefully. Aging tends to make a person weaker as the years progress. The muscles lose some strength, the hair turns grey, the bone mass decreases. But that’s not to say that the person must now resign themselves to misery and weakness. To this lady, age is just a number!

Tomoko is a Japanese living in Italy, and she happens to have quite a passion in pulling off some really cool gymnastics. At 70, Tomoko entered the Italy’s Got Talent competition, and what she did there has left many people speechless. In fact, most of the contestants couldn’t pull off what this old lady managed!

In her opinion, Tomoko thinks age is just a simple number that shouldn’t scare anyone. People have to believe in themselves and do what they want, not what their age dictates. In the video, you watch her as she wows the crowds and the judges at the competition. You realize that this lady is a legend!

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