Her Tattoo Has A Message For All, But The Moment She Stands… She’s Strong!

There are so many people suffering from various mental illnesses, but some have no idea they’re actually affected. Also, some of those who realize it have no idea what to do to save themselves from dwindling into that pit. Bekah Miles was at such a stage, and then something happened!

Bekah had been diagnosed with depression. She was always struggling with her own self – strong emotions and low self-esteem. This threatened to destroy her life. One day, however, a single class session by a strong college professor changed her whole life!

On this day, this professor chose to talk about struggle depression. She shared her personal story about dealing with depression. This kind of opening up by a college professor led Bakah to realize that she wasn’t alone and that this kind of thing could happen to just about anyone in the society. She decided to do something about t, and she did!

She got a tattoo. From a normal angle, it looks like a normal tattoo with the words “I’m Fine,” but you won’t believe what you see from another angle. You need to see this!

Bakah also shared her story on Facebook, and it’s now viral. She’s now the voice of the voiceless. Such strength!

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