He Walks On The Snow For Hours, But The Outcome? I’m Completely Stunned!

Meet Simon Beck, a British artist that never uses a paper, pencil or canvas to do his art work. When he feels like making a huge masterpiece, he just puts his snowshoes on and walks to a vast field.

He makes his huge art works in the snow. He can create a wolf howling at the moon, or the geometric shapes that are ever stunning to whoever will be passing by. The most interesting part is that the masterpieces that he comes up with never last forever as they melt revealing a very pleasant view.

He has already created more than 200 huge masterpieces of which each and every one of them looks appealing more than most of the artefacts piled up in the museums. Beck started his art in 2004, and opted to develop his very first art on the snow.

Revealing to BBC, Beck said that he was in need of some exercise, so he went ahead making a pattern at the snow, without knowing that it was going to be, but when he had a view of it from an elevated place, he was stunned by it.

He claimed to be aware that his works melted quickly and all he needed was a nice photographing before the melting takes place.

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