Everything You Need To Know About People With Waardenburg Syndrome!

Did you ever know that there is a genetic mutation called Waardenburg Syndrome? Although it is rare, it exists.

Actually, this genetic mutation affects the facial characteristics and people acquire it from a parent who has it, meaning that it is an autosomal dominant trait. A part of the hair becomes white, the ears face some difficulty in hearing, their eyes become bright blue and the skin becomes very pale.

Another thing that makes people with this condition look unique is the spacing of the eyes which becomes wider, pouty lips and the bridge of the nose. In the clip below, we are blessed to meet Stef Sanjati, who has offered to explain the condition clearly, how one gets it and the facial features that you will develop.

She confesses that it took her a hard time to accept how she looks and to learn how to ignore the comments of people, more so when she was still in school. Also, people have left comments on the internet saying that she looks like an alien or an elf.

To change her unique look, this Canadian citizen had been forced to apply make-up. The purpose why she made the clip was to make people aware that such a condition exists and we should learn to live with them.

Watch the informational clip below and please SHARE it with all your family and friends so that they can be aware!


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