Every Year, Every Memorial Day, They Do This… Now See What This Lady Did On This Special Occasion!

So, what exactly do you do on holidays? Now, more specifically, what do you do on Memorial Day?

To some people, a holiday is just another day when you get a legal right to dodge work and go binge drinking or other kind of fun activities. But what’s really the essence of this special day? Some people know it from their hearts!

Tim Chambers is a Staff Sergeant, and he’s also been a member of this one nice group called the Rolling Thunder. This special group came into existence and did its first deed in 1988. Its sole objective is honoring the fallen heroes of the military. Every Memorial Day, they ride their bikes around Washington DC in solidarity. They have a set-out route of maneuver around the city.

Now, this video features Tim during the 2012 episode. Tim is also dubbed “The Saluting Marine,” and there’s a reason for that too. See how the lady with the bike reacts when she pass by him. It’s all respect and patriotism. It’s lovely this way!

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