Cowboy and cowgirl step on the ice rink – their daring moves leaves audience out of breath

When these two professional figure skaters took the ice, nobody was expecting them to give a performance like this!

John and Sinead Kerr are siblings who ice skate together professionally. While they typically dance to classical music, the two decided to switch things up during one championship event by dancing to some good ole’ country music, and boy are they glad they did!

The audience immediately knew they were not in for a normal figure skating routine when the Kerrs stepped on the ice looking like they were about to go to a hoe down! As Johnny Cash started playing in the background, the siblings began gliding about the ice effortlessly, making their routine look far easier than it was.

The audience got excited and started applauding loudly as the Kerrs kept up their perfect landings, leaving the judges no choice but to give them high scores for the routine.

By the time the music stopped, the crowd was on their feet and the Kerrs were well aware that they had just brought the house down! Instead of playing it safe, the Kerrs took a huge risk by going country, and it paid off in a huge way!

Watch the video below to see how this dynamic duo’s creativity dispel any theory that figure skating and country music don’t mix.

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