A Snowball Is Thrown At This Police Officer By A Little Girl. What A Heartwarming Reaction!

All of us know that the way the police force and the public relate most of the time is a bit strained. Bearing that in mind, it’s always heartwarming whenever we come across situations in which they are welcoming and friendly to those around them. It also gives them time to relax off their duty and mind less about their safety.

Of late, Raleigh, North Carolina’s streets have been hit with a lot of snow and kids have found the opportunity to enjoy themselves to the fullest. The experience of wind blowing across one’s face while racing down the hill in snowy conditions is so captivating. 

The kids had invaded the Lion’s Park as normal when something that surprised many took place. A number of Raleigh Police officers who were patrolling the park to ensure everything was in order joined the kids in their wild snowball fight.

Within this video, the officers and the kids are seen jumping on sleds and the snowballs are flying in both directions as both parties have real fun. I believe none of the parties will forget this kind of experience.

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