A Paralyzed Groom Does The Unexpected During His Wedding. The Result? Tear Jerking!

In this video, we meet Sergeant Joey Johnson. He does something unanticipated for his bride. Initially, Joey had been involved in a motorcycle accident that happened during his ten month tour to Afghanistan. Johnson ended up being paralyzed and as a result, he had to use a wheelchair.

His wife Michele claims that her husband was suffering from post-traumatic stress condition after the tragic happening in Afghanistan. Since the accident, this is the first time Joey has used a motorcycle. Joey had just met Michele four months before the accident. I really pity Joey. At the same time, I really like him. Despite of his condition, he had to make Michele’s dream come true especially on their wedding day. What surprises me is the fact that Michele does not really know the husband’s plan for their big day.

It was really touching to see the unexpected, guess what? The couple danced Christiana Peri’s “A Thousand Years.” Everyone in the room was shedding tears of joy. Who would expect a paralyzed man to stand and dance? Joey managed to dance with his bride since his friends had created a harness for him.

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