88 Year Old Lady Demonstrates That Age Is Just A Number When She Does The Unexpected!

There is nothing as good as starting the day with a smile on your face, and that is what we have brought you today. In the video below, we see an old lady of 88 years jiggling to “Runaround Sue,” an old classic by Dion. She must have loved this hit a lot as she started to dance to it at a far distance, and it was singing from a car.

The video starts when she opens the door of her house to get out. From what one can predict, is that she was late wherever she was going, so she was in a hurry. Upon closing the door behind her, she hears the “Runaround Sue” song from a distance and starts to dance.

When you watch the clip from the start to the end, you will note that she stops a number of times to take a rest, but the music is so sweet to her ears that she forgets the tiredness and continues dancing. Wow, she must have been a real dancer when she was young as she manages to dance well even with 88 years.

I think we should borrow her legacy of enjoying life while you are alive because life is too short. Watch the clip below and please SHARE it to your friends if it made your day!

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