WWE Wrestlers Give A Hug To A Little Guy Of 7 Years, The Reason… I Am So Moved!

Almost all if not every kid loves World Wrestling Entertainment. Although it involves people with masks and costumes fighting with each other, this is a huge industry that has a positive effect on the public.

The clip below was shot just after the Monday’s fight between John Cena and Sting. We see Cena getting hold of the microphone and announcing to the crowd that they had a special visitor that night. The visitor was a little girl of seven years called Kiara Grindrod. The reason why it was a night for the little girl was because shehad for long been fighting against cancer, and finally she became a winner.

While in the ring, Cena went ahead to thank the girl and her dad for being an inspiration to the WWE fighters and everybody around the world. He then got out of the ring and went to give this little girl a hug and a gift. Sting too went to the girl and handed her his glove, then hugged her.

This is not the first time that WWE gets involved with cancer issues, for it had donated funds to cancer victims and helped cancer research organizations.

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