You Won’t Believe What This Dog Does To Her Owner Every Morning… Your Heart Will Melt!

We have in the past come across scenes in which dog owners have been rudely awakened by their companions. We can’t blame these pets when they do that since it may be partly to their excitement to start their day in style or need to go out and run around. Irrespective of how your dog wakes you up, it’s hard to get sad since they always seem to find us something to smile about even when we had nothing to make us do so.

Within this video, we come across one Samoyed named Lexi, who needs to go out for a walk. He is used to going out with his owner who is still asleep. He approaches his sleeping dad and watches him in his sleep before deciding on the best way to wake him up. He never barks or licks him as most dogs are known to do, he gently touches him the way any loving mom could have done while waking her young one. Personally, I do not own a dog and will love to have one like this when that time comes.

Does your pet have a funny way of letting you know when it needs to play? Share some of its funny quirks and personality by commenting below. We always like getting some feedback from our readers and know whether whatever we share with them has affected them in one way or the other.

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