When This Country Singer Discovered She Had Less Days To Live, She Decided To Do This…

Joey Feek had only 6 months remaining live because she was found to be having stage IV ovarian cancer. She decided to live the remaining part of life to her fullest.

This 40-year-old mother is a country singer who together with her husband, Rory, have made duets. The two were blessed with a daughter called Indiana who has 2 years.

On the Instagram, Rory is used to uploading photos that he cherishes with his wife, like this one where she is on the hospital bed with Indiana. After knowing her fate, she decided not to continue with the cancer treatment but spend the remaining days of her life with her husband and daughter in Alexandria, Indiana, where she was born.

A few months ago, Rory started a blog by the name “This Life I Live.” In the blog, he uploads his experiences. In one description, he said that he can’t simply imagine a day when he will have to go to their home in Tennessee without his wife, or taking care of Indiana without her but that has to happen when the time comes.

New Joey + Rory album, which was released recently had the two nominated for the best country duo/group performance at the Grammy.

Every day, Rory captures their moments together saying that it will one time help Indiana remember her mother.

BREAKING: On March 4, 2016, at 2:31 p.m. surrounded by her family, Joey Feek passed away peacefully at home following a 9-month battle with metastatic cervical cancer. She is survived by her husband Rory Feek, two step-daughters, Heidi and Hope, and her two-year-old daughter Indiana.

She will be remembered as a talented musician, a proud Christian, and a loving wife and mother.

Please SHARE this song in Joey’s memory, and in the memory of all loved ones who have passed on.

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