What This Lady Bought Herself For Her Birthday Is Extremely Hilarious. Watch!

It’s your birthday, so you decide to do something for yourself. You end up buying the most hilarious birthday gift ever. Well, it happened with this funny mom. I’m laughing!

Candace lives in Grand Prairie, Texas, and she recently did something that got every human dropping to the floor. This mom is a funny one by all accounts, and you must want to see what she did. Get set for a rib-cracking moment!

So she decides to go shopping at the Kohl in her locality. She gets in and walks around browsing to see what she can pick. Then she comes across this cool kid toy and decides to buy it. Before you think she’s buying it for her son let me tell you that you’re wrong. She’s doing this for herself!

Now, the most hilarious moment comes when this nice mom gets into the car, turns on the camera, and decides to try out her birthday gift. At this point, it’s so hilarious that you’ll need some help getting up from the floor!

Check out this video and hold onto your seat. It’s viral.

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