What A Surprise To Give A Wife! Her Reaction? So Priceless!

I’m one of those who love being surprised irrespective of how big or small the surprise is. It can’t get any better if the surprised that’s thrown my way is of something I have always wished to have but came earlier than expected.

This heartwarming video was posted online by Rob Wiltsey who decided to give his wife a surprise to remember. He starts by giving her a scrapbook that has photos of different places within London that anyone would love to visit. In fact, they have plans of visiting some of them in the near future.

She goes through a couple of pages and comes across what she least expected – a travel ticket that has a real date! The priceless reaction the wife shows is surely worth the efforts the husband made.  So sweet!

It does not just end there –the husband has more surprises in store for his wife. Not a single wife will mind having a husband who knows to throw in a surprise at the right time. Surely, this is going to make their love grow with the Valentine’s Day being around the corner!

Have you ever been given a heartwarming surprise by those you love? Or have you ever given someone a surprise? What was the reaction?

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