Watch Karise Edson Give A Performance To Never Forget On The Voice. So Talented!

This video is from the first episode of The Voice from Australia. On this night, Karise Eden was the last contestant to take the stage and when she started singing, she left the judges jaw-dropped. She was doing a rendition of James Brown’s “It’s a Man’s World” and to be honest– she never disappointed!

When you watch Karise Eden perform, you will understand why she was the ultimate winner of The Voice’s first season. She ended up winning herself a record contract and that meant her career did not end when the show finished. In fact, she has been able to sell over 2 million copies of her first album and she rates highly within the Australian music industry. In October last year, she released her latest album titled “Things I’ve Done,” and it is ranked number 5 within the music charts of her country.

This video provides us the chance of watching her first performance to be televised. Eden’s amazing voice was enough to blow the judges away. If you have always loved her or you’re her new fan, SHARE with friends this performance!

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