Their Two Daughters’ Wisdom Teeth Were Being Removed Then This Happened… I’m Laughing Too!

Apart from being our genesis of love and care, our beloved ones can be the reason for us to get embarrassed. Jess and Bri Watson, are sisters who definitely can appreciate their parents for posting a clip on YouTube of them being removed their wisdom teeth at the same time. Their dad uploaded the video on March 28, 2013, and it has already received over 2 million views.

From the video, the effect of anesthetic is clearly seen from the two the sisters’ response. For Jess, she is in a panic tear jerking situation while Bri is sort of confused and with signs of a funny laugh on her face. What makes the whole thing funny is the totally different reactions of the two sisters, outlining the two distinct ways anesthesia can be when applied to a person.

The sisters react differently due to the anesthesia in their bodies. Jane Collingwood of PsychCentral tells that a doctor of Massachusetts General Hospital named Emory Brown assisted in the study of the anesthesia effects on the body where it was revealed that small amounts of anesthesia in a body was similar to a deep sleep.

It is in this sleeping condition that the brain interprets the information form the time that you were awake before going to slumber land. This interpretation of information is the one that brings about dreams. This may be the reason why the two girls acted differently with the same amount of anesthesia submitted to them, as they went into surgery with two distinct minds and the reaction they are incurring is the post-surgery.

Even though it wasn’t a good time for the sisters, their dad recorded them for a duration of more than 14 minutes. Of the 14 minutes. The parents of the daughters act as prime mover for they question their daughters some questions that they expect funny answers, as a sign of telling us that those who love and care for us can be humiliate us sometimes.

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