Timberlake Has Everyone In A Trance With His New Hit. You Won’t Dodge This!

Anyone who has ever listened to any of Justin Timberlake’s songs or watched a video of him showcasing his dancing prowess will tell you plainly that this guy has some real talent. When Justin decides to release a song, it’s something that’s guaranteed to hit the charts with a strong lead!

Well, looks like the rumors are true – the man has released another one that’s been trending on charts. In fact, this new hit, “Can’t Stop The Feeling,” has topped the Billboard’s Top 100. Now that’s the fifth time Justin has done it!

Justin has been off the music arena since 2013 when he released the previous album, and now this one hit is a clear proof that his legacy is still strong. He’s isn’t going off the game anytime soon.  You must recognize his video director, Mark Romanek, for this incredible piece of work. It’s wow!

Watch as Justin wows the neighborhood, even sliding his way around. The music is so good, the people around are tempted into moving their bodies!

Watch, re-watch and be sure to fall in love with this. You can’t wait to SHARE!

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