This Super Woman’s Determination Will Amaze You. What She Does? I Feel Challenged!

In all her life, Stacy Zoern has always depended on her friends or a clunky wheelchair when she needs to move around. She was born with a medical complication known as muscular atrophy and that meant she could not move on her own. Though faced with the challenge, she always thought there was a nice option to solve her problems out there. So, when she first saw the Kenguru, she then knew all her prayers had come true. While it was a perfect solution for her, for her to own one, she had to overcome a few hurdles.


Though she immediately needed one, one of the challenges was that the company which was manufacturing them lacked enough funding for production and testing. That did not make Stacy give up since she was ready to step in and help. She thought this was one of those obstacles she had always overcome and had to find a solution.

She came up with her own firm in June of 2010 and was ready to partner with Kenguru: Community Cars Inc. Finding investors was her major goal and after one year, Kengure merged with her company. The company is about to release the first care that people who have the ability to use manual wheelchairs will be able to operate. Plans of also manufacturing one that can be controlled with a joystick are underway. This is the car Stacy believes will solve her problems since it does not require one to use a lot of upper body strength.

They will cost a quarter the price of what specialized vans cost. Their cost will be about $25,000. Reservations can be made on their site so as to enable them to estimate the number of cars they will release in their first production. All they need is to solve problems that are being experienced by people like Stacy.

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