This Mother Pretends To Be Serious While Her Daughter Speaks. The Result? Hilarious!

Kids are very funny. They are always curious about things they see and hear for the first time. Just imagine someone who has been on earth for a short period of time, he or she would just listen and try to learn as much as he or she can. It’s just amazing how these children are constantly learning, making new discoveries, taking new information, phrase and words. In some cases, learning some new phrases and words may prove to be tricky.

I think you have been in some situations where you said some words that were never meant to be heard by children. For instance, when you stub your toe or drop something accidentally, you might say some words that can only be pardoned by adults. The worst part comes when you happen to say such words before the children who will pick the same words or phrases you have used. You will just be shocked when you hear them using them before other people.

In this video, we meet a mother who happens to be in the same predicament. She used some bad words and she is really upset when her daughter uses the same words. The cutest part comes when she tries to pretend that she is serious but she cannot hold it anymore. You ought to watch this hilarious moment!

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