This Man Is ‘Going Down To The River’ To Wash His Soul. When You Watch The Way He Does It…You Will Be Touched!

Once we start talking about Music Cities, Nashville, Tennessee will hardly miss from the list. Some of the things that make this City stand out is the Country Music Hall of Fame and the renowned Grand Ole Opry. It makes sense why seeing most country music lovers flocking it to learn a thing or two and share the rich history about the City is common.

One Swedish pop/country star named Jill Johnson was doing a televised documentary and visited Nashville in the process. While doing the rounds, she came across Doug Seeger (a struggling and homeless musician) seated on a bench within a park. When she heard him sing “Going Down To The River”, she immediately recognized the talent the person in front of her had.

This video was recorded in an old recording studio owned by Johnny Cash when Magnus Carlson and Jill decided to join hands to help the poor man. Even though they decided to do that, they never expected it will be an instant hit and go on to top the Swedish iTunes and capture the Lionheart Music Group’s attention. Dough was awarded a record deal and released his first album over 2014’s summer.

Despite all those noticeable achievements, Dough is still not popular within his home country. When we came across such a talent that deserves a lot of credit that it has been given, we decided to let you know and appreciate it.

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