This Little Kid Just Brought A Gift To The Officer Who Pulled Them Over. This Is Too Cool!

When Captain Neil Fetner pulled over a woman to check her driver license at a check point in Clayton, AL, he had no idea that he would later be eating curly fries and seeing a little boy join the police force. All that wasn’t really in his math when he and Carter had a small talk while his mom, Kristen Lawrence, looked for the driver license.

So they talked, and Carter revealed to the captain that he and his mom were heading to Arby’s for dinner. Neil threw a joke by asking if the kid would bring along some curly fries for him, and that’s what triggered the whole big thing!

After dinner, Carter asked his mom to buy some curly fries for the “hungry” officer, which she did, and the little boy presented the meal to the officer on their way back. Neil couldn’t keep it to himself. He posted about on Faceboook. He wanted to find the boy and that kind mom. Within hours, it was done!

The mom and son were treated to a nice dinner at Arby’s, courtesy of Clanton Police Department. And then the 3-year-old was made an honorary police officer. Wow!

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