This Little Girls Sings A 1985 Hit Like A Pro. It’s Too Sweet!

Singing is one of the best ways to entertain kids before sending them to bed. I love doing it myself, not to my kids, because I do not have any, but to my nephew. They will sometimes ask you to repeat it a couple of times, and it’s just lovely watching them relax and get inspired by the words. You sometimes kind of wonder why they love music from such a young age, that when you realize they must believe in the words you sing.

This is why I find it such a loving thing when parents and children, share the love of music creation and play with their children. The first steps of learning about new instruments and the tunes coming from each one of them are the start of a long musical journey for many stars. It’s magical in a sense too when kids are able to talk with their music. They sometimes get distracted a couple of times, but it just interesting as you get to see their personality shine all through.

Watch the following video as all the play turns out to be one of most precious gifts this daughter received from her parents. It’s amazing how she sings this hit and how her voice sounds so naturally musical.  Watch how she amazes in the video and SHARE it with friends!

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