This Little Girl Was Not Patient Enough For The Protocol To End. What She Did Is So Emotional!

Blood is thicker than water in whatever situation that one finds himself in. In the clip below, a small girl was not able to contain her emotions when she saw her father.  Daniel Ogelsby, who is a lieutenant was away for eight months on a mission.

Lt. Daniel Ogelsby, was among the Fort Carson’s 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division which had been deployed in Asia and now were back home in Colorado that Tuesday.

So when he was on a parade just like the other hundreds of soldiers for a welcoming ceremony, Karas, his daughter would not wait for it to finish, as she dashed and leaped into his dad’s arms. Seeing that, Daniel had no otherwise but to bend and take his daughter up to kiss and hug her.

Confessing to Colorado’s KKTV 11 News, Daniel said that his daughter got so anxious when she saw him situated at some back row, making her to run to him.

For the viewers who watched the clip that was uploaded on YouTube, that seemed to go without realizing that the daughter and her dad had broken the rules of the protocol.

One commentator said that he wished for all the kids had had that kind of love that this little girl demonstrated.

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