This Little Girl Requested To Talk With Her Dad Over The Phone, The Way She Did It? So Adorable!

Dad was calling mom when Emelia who’s 16 months of age showed some interest of speaking with him. Her mother did not resist giving her the phone and went ahead and recorded the whole adorable conversation. She then held the phone comfortably against her ears and moved around the room during the exchange. From her movements, it’s quite evident she had been watching how her parents acted whenever they were given a call.

She is seen to pause from time to time while speaking as a way of allowing her dad to get whatever she’s talking about as she happily babbles through the phone. Though she’s not doing the real talking, her mother is able to pick one or two words from her babbling: some “buggy” and “food” (num num nummies.)

She is really enjoying the phone call and never wants to let it go even after her father has hanged up. This is something similar to what I come across when children have the chance of using a phone. It reminds me of a time when I was taking pictures with my phone and my niece requested me to let her take some. She never wanted to give me back the phone since she wanted to keep on taking the photos. So as not to upset her, I let her keep doing it until she was bored.

Ever come across a kid with similar phone skills? Though she has a few areas to improve on, watching her was so adorable! Do you think so?

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