This Happens When You Have Scheming Twins In Town With Marshmallows. Hilarious!

Babies are some really cute humans, and they can often get so funny as to border on hilarity!

A baby can do something and even appear to be actually conscious of their actions, and when they are doing something wrong, you might even be tempted to see them as little devils. Although they have no idea that their actions do not impress, they may seem as if they are secretly scheming to cause some mayhem!

What you see in this video is something that will make you want to believe that some babies actually understand what they are doing, especially when you happen to have two twins who do almost everything in unison.

We have these kids who happen to have a strong urge to do something “schematic,” and they have to do it! It’s not every day you see twins going to town by themselves, and with a bag of marshmallows! Well, these two did, and they have lots of ideas about it all!

They want to enjoy themselves to the fullest, and nothing is stopping them. Nothing!

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