This Guy Captured A Superstorm Live On Camera, But You Might Want To See What Spiced It All Up. Is It Shooting?!

When you get down compiling your bucket list, there are some things that seem just too farfetched to even consider. Imagine having the Northern Lights on your bucket list. It could sound crazy, but wasn’t, for this guy.

This guy is a filmmaker, and he had his imagination fixed on the Aurora Borealis, and one day, his wishes pumped up his adrenaline. There it was, the super storm and the Northern Lights, and then there it was – a shooting star!

You’ve to agree that this man was truly lucky. You just don’t get to see all that in one day. If you’ve heard of or watched lovely videos of the Northern Lights and thought they were great, then you haven’t watched this!

Watching this incredible clip, I couldn’t help but imagine what it must have felt like for that lucky guy. I’m even jealous! Check this out and love it. It’s too awesome not to SHARE, so let all your Facebook buddies know about it. Also drop a comment and tell us how you find it. Incredible?

Source: Unbelievably intense Northern Lights superstorm by skydivephil on Rumble

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