This Gorilla Remembers This Dad And His Daughter He Met Long Ago. What A Reunion!

Do you believe that animals can remember someone after a long time? I know some would say yes while most will disagree. Some claim that animals cannot remember since their brain cannot be compared with a human’s brain. They suggest that animals have underdeveloped brain functions that lead to a poor memory.

As for me, I totally disagree with the folks who think that animals cannot remember. Animals do remember things, and a good example is the dog. I am sure that you have always noticed that a dog will remember you after so many days- this is proof that animals can remember.

If you still have doubts, then you have to watch this video. In this clip, a father and his daughter had met with this gorilla before it had been released into the wild. Years later, the two meet with the same gorilla and to their surprise, this animal remembers them. What an incredible encounter! The gorilla can remember someone he saw a long time ago. What are your opinions about animal instincts?

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