This boy is only four. But his rendition of Whitney Houston classic will melt your heart

While most kids his age are still trying to remember lyrics of “Wheels on the bus”, 4 year old Uzbek singing sensation Jurabek Juraev is mastering this. Whitney Houston’s classic “I will always love you” is accepted as one of the most difficult songs to perform even if English is your native language and here we have this foreign kid who just nailed it.

His version shows off his amazingly powerful vocals and ability to sing. While he may be young, he is clearly very talented. He took a difficult song that has been sung by some of the greatest singers of all time and wasn’t afraid to make it his own. Whitney and Dolly should both be really proud of him.

His family, friends, and fans are all thrilled with the video. The young boy has recorded other songs, as well. If he is this talented and can tackle a song like this at age 4, what does the future hold for him?

The thumbs up he gives at the end of his performance really says it all. This little boy just nailed it and he knows it. I just feel in my heart that he is going to continue performing. SHARE the love and pass it on!

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