They’re Out Fishing, And Then These Rare Creatures Show Up. Beautiful!

So this dad took his son out to fish in the Shasta lake in California. This Sunday afternoon turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to the two. While they went about their fishing, two beautiful creatures swam right beside them. Now this is great!


You see, most people spend a lifetime looking for mountain lions and they never get to see them. On this day, this dad and his cool son were surprised when these two mountain lions showed up in the waters, swimming beside them as they tried to cross to the other side. In fact, even the dad couldn’t believe his eyes. The lions were so good at swimming. They moved so fast. He didn’t even know they liked water this much. Amazing!




As a smart human, Kevin Alexander told his son, Blake, to keep calm and back up not to disturb the lions, so they let them cross peacefully and gracefully. The two creatures eventually got to the other side and disappeared into the forest. It was one heck of a moment for the dad and son. You can imagine!

If you want to watch these beautiful creatures in action. Watch the video in the next page.

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