They Delayed The Flight To Let The Passengers Watch Something Spectacular – OMG!

Seeing a solar eclipse is one of those rare occurrences that are beautiful and worthy to watch. Not everyone one has got the chance of experiencing one, so consider yourself lucky if you have watched the awe-inspiring sight.

The clip below features a solar eclipse which passengers of the Alaska Airlines got the chance of viewing once their flight was delayed by the management. The crew wanted its passengers to experience everything while in the sky and they were lucky enough to experience one. Though it is just but a recorded footage, you will surely get a glimpse of what the passengers experienced after watching the short clip below.

I’m sure all the passengers left while thanking the crew or everything. It is just one of those opportunities you appreciate encountering in life and they certainly got one to add to their list. Have you ever had the chance of watching one of those rare occurrences in your life while in the least expected place?

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