They Banned This Christmas Ad For Being “Naughty”, What Do You Think?

Currently, ads are becoming more daring and creative. Probably, it is the technological advancement in the 21st Century.

The clip below falls into that category. The 2015 Christmas, released by Zulu Alpha Kilo, a Canadian Agency, has gone viral. However, the ad rubbed some people the wrong way.

Why? The agency invited a gifted percussionist to make a guest appearance in the holiday.

The crazy Butt Drummer, we know him from his debut on Ukraine Got Talent, landed a role on the TV Christmas ad Jorge Perez, the crazy Butt Drummer, performs “Jingle Bells.” He sounds quite original but does something towards the end of the song.

Well, this twisted ending did not go well with some people. Several opinions and criticism have been thrown around. Some people feel the commercial was rude and sexist. After all, we live in an opinionated world.

Zulu Alpha Kilo has a difficult time explaining that he meant no harm. The ad was created with good intentions of supporting the Colon Cancer Canada victims. Kilo has issued a pressure release to the same effect. We hope his explanation calms the agitated viewers.

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