These Were The Strangest 5 Minutes In The History Of This Popular Show!

We all love shows and the fun they bring to us. In the past before the invention of television, any amusing show would have required people to be present in some theater. Now we all have the choice of joining millions of Americans in enjoying all kinds of shows from the comfort of our living rooms. Some of the popular American shows that have graced the history of American TV scene include the Price is Right, Family Feud, and Wheel of Fortune.

Personally the Hollywood Squares is the most memorable show I have ever seen and enjoyed. There was this one night when I saw it’s most strange moments that lasted a whole five minutes. There was so much suspense of what was going to happen next than I have ever experienced in other shows. Take a moment and watch those five minutes that will forever be lodged in memories of millions who saw that show.

Do you have any such experience of awkward or strange moments that have happened on a show you were watching or participated as a live audience? Please post your experience in the comments section below.

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