Their Dog Had Been Missing For A Number Of Years, Then This Happened… So Epic!

On April 14, the sun shone on the Lamberts. This family had a dog named Sam, aged 10. Sam, a Yorkshire, had been missing for three scary years but on this memorable date, he was brought back to his family in Louisiana – all the way from Iowa where he’d been found and rescued.

The Lamberts had lost all hope of ever finding their Yorkie who had gone missing from their yard, only for much excitement and appreciation to take root when Danielle Lambert got a call from the Cedar Rapids shelter and was told that Sam had been recovered in good condition. Luckily, Sam had a microchip on him which the shelter officers used to trace his owners.

Someone had stolen the cute dog from the family’s home in New Orleans, but how he was found on a playground 1,000 miles from home remains a mystery. He was in pretty bad shape. The veterinary officers helped him recover through dental care, blood as well as skin treatments.

Sam caught a free flight back home this week in first class courtesy of United Airlines. Karisa, Danielle’s 15-year-old daughter, couldn’t fight back the tears when she re-united with Sam, the dog that had been her birthday gift at age 10. The moment was breath-taking!

This story serves to give hope to the families who have lost their beloved pets. Many have had their pets brought back with the help of a microchip.

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