The Owner Is Having Some Fun Popping Some Bubbles. Now Keep Your Eye On The Chameleon. Cute!

If you thought that it’s only humans who can enjoy the good feelings of popping bubbles, you might want to think again after this, because your argument no longer holds any water when you introduce a smart chameleon into the equation.

You see, we only happen to know chameleons by their unique capabilities of changing colors, but the one in this cool video is now famous for more reasons than just camouflage. The owner happened to be one of those people who will pop some bubbles to feel good about it, so they just go ahead and do it.

However, on this cool occasion, Laura, the chameleon, happened to be around. Laura is a curios creature, and she likes to be just where the fun starts and ends, so she couldn’t help stretching out her little arms to have a feel of it too. It’s so cute it drives my emotions up.

Check out the full clip of Laura’s reaction to the owner’s pastime activity and tell us how much joy it brings to you. You can’t help but SHARE this lovely video with your friends on Facebook!


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