The CD Failed To Play The National Anthem, Then One Player Did This And Saved The Day…

It’s in high school, and a volleyball match is playing. At one point, people have to stand up to sing the national anthem. However, it’s not every day that the CD plays!

So it failed. The CD couldn’t play the national anthem. People were getting agitated. What’s happening? What should happen next? Well, one teen happened to know what to do, and she did. Garcia sprang into action and saved the day!

Now, Garcia is a volleyball player who hails from a family with a strong military background. She has many of her family members and relatives serving in the military. She knows the national anthem by heart. On this day, her brilliance came into effect and she ended up wowing everybody!

Unbeknown to her, someone was alert enough to capture the moment on video. The clip has now gone viral, with everyone applauding the teen for her great performance. Who knew just a random volleyball player could sing like that?! This is amazing!

You can’t skip this. Check it out and be sure to SHARE with all your Facebook buddies. Awesome!

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