Teacher Needed Something To Comfort His Student Who Has Alopecia. His Act Is Touching!

Most often, whenever we are attacked by chronic illness, we will always need that one person who will stand by our side, just like Steiner did for Dino. Similar to other boys, Dino Shuffiled enjoyed schooling at Lake Whitney Elementary school as a third grader.  Unfortunately, the worst happened when Dino started losing his hair- unbelievable! Following this, his mother took him to hospital in a bid to seek medication. After the doctor’s diagnosis, Dino was suffering from alopecia areata which extended its effects to attacking the boy’s hair follicles and made the young boy to lose hair.  Besides, the condition has no cure and as such, it was expected that after a short time, Dino would be bald. But was there anyone to help out of this? Yes, Steiner, and how?

Ehren Steiner, Dino’s third grade teacher was on the lookout and volunteered to help the student. Initially, Steiner asked his student if he had ever considered shaving his hair. However, following his hope that his hair would stop falling, Dino resisted and denied his teachers idea. As a result of Dino’s resistance, Steiner told to his student that if he opted to shave, he would also do the same. As such, they both agreed to work on the new idea.

Amazingly, Monday morning of the following week, Steiner had shaved his hair- what a shock to Dino! The teacher’s move empowered Dino to appreciate, love and accept himself as he was- alopecia. Dino thinks Steiner is the best teacher globally. There is a strong bond between the two!

Don’t miss to watch the video to  witness one of the shocking questions the reporter has for Dino at the end.

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