Stranger stuffs son into a bag to kidnap him, but dad’s revenge is immediate

That your child should disappear is certainly one of every parent’s worst nightmare. Father Ron Kraus from Indiana, USA, recently nearly had that nightmare come true, after a stranger tried to kidnap his young son, Ryker.

But Ron’s rapid intervention may have saved his son’s life.

Now, the dad is being hailed all over the world for his effort. Meanwhile, the police are looking for the suspected kidnapper.

It was a warm summer day and the Kraus family was preparing to celebrate their son’s 1st year birthday in their garden.


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A car suddenly stopped by their house, and a stranger emerged. He told Ron that his engine was overheated and asked if he could get some water to cool his radiator.

Ron was kind to the stranger and did not suspect he could be dangerous. Meanwhile, his son was playing just outside the front door, and Ron turned his back for a moment to go in and get water. But then he noticed the unthinkable from the corner of his eyes.


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The stranger had picked Ryker up – and was trying to fit him into a duffle bag. At the same time he turned towards his car and started running.

Everything happened in just a few seconds.

There was a distance of about 100 feet to the car. Ron, in a panic, felt that if he did not stop the man before reaching the car, he would never see his son again.


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Ron ran faster than he ever did in his life. He reached the man before he got to his car and struck him on his head.

The man fell to the floor and dropped Ryker next to him. Ron picked up his son and rushed back to the house and locked him in. Then he called the police.

When the police arrived, the man had disappeared. He got away – but Ryker was thankfully safe. The police are now looking for the man who attempted to kidnap Ryker.

“I hope he gets caught, and they stop him before he does it again,” Ron told CBS Chicago.

This story is truly nightmarish! I’m so glad that Ron managed to stop the man – otherwise this could have ended really badly for him and his family. I really hope the police catch this man before he considers committing another terrible crime.

Watch the media report below for more information:

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