Soldier Dad Dresses Himself Up As A Waiter. What Happens Next Will Surely Steal Your Good Heart. Lovely!

It can feel lonely and unpleasant sometimes. It’s about those times when families have their loved ones serving in the military far from home. It’s even more heart-wrenching when the family is having a special occasion and the service members cannot make it home to celebrate with their loved ones.

However, we’ve seen numerous lovely videos of soldiers pulling some surprises for their loved ones by appearing unannounced, and it’s always a great moment.

That’s what this Navy dad planned to pull off at his kids’ birthday party. His twin daughters are having a birthday party, and then the nice dad sneaks in and dresses up like an IHOP employee. But he doesn’t go unnoticed for long, as his twins are all eyes and on the lookout for their lovely dad. This is great!

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