She Won’t Stop Laughing Though Her Husband Is Screaming. The Reason? UNBELIEVABLE!

Mothers are going to crack up while men are going to cringe upon watching this video!

Mother’s Day means a lot to women and all they need during that time is flowers, a well prepared meal, and some quality time around their family or perhaps a card to appreciate them. But for Kim Holderness, she wishes for something strange and unique. There is something she wants her husband to learn and you will be surprised with what she was thinking about when she opted for this wish.

I find her request to be so crazy and unbelievable. I had to keep on watching to believe whatever that was happening was real. I must confess, at first I thought it was a fake ordeal until I realized her husband was going through real pain.

Most men take lightly the kind of pain women go through while bringing young ones into this world. Kim wanted her husband to experience some share of that pain and decided to come up with this plan. She requested Dr. Sameh Toma who works at North Carolina Center for Reproductive Medicine to help her see the plan through.

Please watch this video to witness the scary process Penn had to go through and let us know whether you will love your husband to go through it. Kindly SHARE this hilarious clip with your Facebook friends!

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