She Went Red Upon Looking At The Monitor, What An Astonishing Moment For Her!

Jill and Sean are a couple who already blessed with two children, and are in fact waiting for another pair of kids soon in the family. This time round, they wanted the awaited twins to be a total surprise to everybody. They had to wait for 20 weeks in order to be able to go for the first ultrasound. They kept this information to themselves for it was a secret they had agreed to keep within themselves.

After some time, they decided to go for another ultrasound test. Jill who has a sister, saw it wise to invite her to go with them to the hospital during the ultrasound test. He already knew how animated she would become to discover the news. As you can note in the video below, when the time came for her to look at the monitor, she was totally flabbergasted when she saw what was on the monitor. What a funny reaction, she made!

If you were to be Jill’s sister, how could have you reacted? Please leave your comments in the section below and don’t forget to SHARE this wonderful video with your Facebook friends!


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