She Looks Pretty, But Wait Until She Removes Her Makeup. I’m Shocked!

Makeup has that power of transforming our looks into something else. When expertly applied, it can bring out astounding beauty that most women love – no wonder most marketers are spending millions when it comes to advertising their products.  On top of that, they can also be used to disguise the looks of those who have suffered serious effects caused by burns.

The video below shows how different makeup skills can be used to change the looks of a person. One woman is taking off her makeup and the resulting change is easy to notice. The Korean woman uses a makeup remover to remove the one which is heavily applied on her face. You will be shocked by how she looks after doing some vigorous cleaning.

Many will argue that she still looks pretty even without putting on the makeup but it’s quite evident that the makeup changes her looks in one way or the other. Do you support the use of makeups in the name of beauty? What makes you support its use or why are you against its use?

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