Reporter Causes A Hilarious Moment With Her Failed Recipe. I Can’t Stand This!

Ask someone like Leslie Horton, and she’ll tell you something about improvising recipes. Things could turn ugly, you know. She had it first-hand!

So Leslie is going to work, and her family members push her to work some recipe and surprise her colleagues at Global News Calgary. But she doesn’t have all the ingredients needed, so she figures she can improvise. Instead of lemons, which she didn’t have, she just threw in an orange. In fact, Leslie didn’t buy the right artichoke. Instead of buying the canned ones, she ended up buying the pungent ones, and that seriously jeopardized her plans.

In the video, Leslie is presenting her recipe to her co-hosts, which aren’t all too eager to taste any of it. It smells like it’s been dipped in vinegar. Someone even says it’s a barn!

Even though the recipe didn’t turn out so well, Leslie and her co-hosts had a really good laugh about it. It’s just hilarious, and you want to witness it.

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