Refugee Breaks Down And Collapses At The Airport, Reason… Tear-Jerking!

Dyan and Alik, his wife, fled the war-torn Sudan for a refugee camp in Africa. Thanks to the chaos, Dyan was separated from his wife and the kids. Alik was processed as a single parent and Dyan was registered as a single man. Single men are not eligible for resettlement in the US.

Upon arriving in Fort Worth, Alik realized she was pregnant again.

Two volunteers working with refugee resettlement agency known as Catholic Charities took in Alik and her babies. The two, Molly and Mary were present when gave birth.

The church group together with the volunteers gave Alik a home. The entire time, Dyan was in a refugee camp and had not seen his family for four years.

Hope was slowly fading away, but Mary and Molly worked hard to reunite the family. They talked to social workers, politicians, and immigration attorneys. They only hoped a miracle would happen.

Four years later, their prayers were answered. Watch the emotional reunion at the Fort Worth Airport. You will need your tissues.

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