No One Wanted To Dance With Him, But Then This Stranger Showed Up. Lovely!

Although some people are born with disabilities like Down’s Syndrome, most of the good people don’t really identify them with such. At the end of it all, these are people worth of respect and love.

However, to some others, especially kids, people like Daniel may be faced with some difficulties enjoying a normal social life in school. Daniel is 17, and he’s always wished for a nice homecoming dance at his school. But Daniel has Down’s Syndrome, and that led to most of the students shying away from dancing with him. But then this other smart girl showed up and made his night!

Kylie is a cool young lady who didn’t even seem to notice Daniel’s disability. In fact, she asked him for a dance by herself. This is so heartwarming to see that not all people actually shun people with disabilities.

On learning about the girl’s cool move, the FOX5 Surprise Squad showed up and spiced things up in a memorable way. Daniel’s mom, Tonya, couldn’t believe it. It was just too good!

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