Mom’s Parenting Style Always Embarrasses Her Daughter. What Do You Think?

It is the desire of all parents that their kids feel accepted in the society, more especially by their peers while growing up. That is one of the ways of protecting from the widespread epidemic of bullying. But sometimes that kind of desire can go overboard, and that is what you will see in the clip below.

Pre-Teen Beauty Queen, a 2008 documentary is where the video was taken from. The clip features the Bennington family which is based in London. A pre-teen’s mother is so much obsessed with the looks of her daughter.

Whenever Sasha, Jane’s daughter is about to leave the house, she checks on her general presentation, hair and clothing. On this occasion, one of the “must-wear” things on her list were black Ugg boots and a black skirt.

Whenever Sasha fails to wear what mom has recommended, then it means she never joins the rest of the family if they were to go out for dinner. That means she is always dressed so as to impress someone. There is something else that Jane ensures Sasha does when she has put on the right clothes; even when they are in the restaurant, she has to go through the cheerleading routine. That alone makes Sasha to feel embarrassed.

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