Mom Was Humming A Tune, The Way The Babies Reacted? Cuteness Overload!

In most cases, it takes quite some time to discover a baby’s passion. But, that’s not the case within this video. These twins seem to have discovered what makes them happy at an early age. Given that their mom is aware of that, there is no doubt their childhood is going to be filled with a lot of happiness.

Watching a baby laugh is one of the most adorable things you will ever get a chance of watching. It doubles up when twins are involved. Here, mom knows that her kids love listening to songs and she exactly does that. She is humming to her baby girls who are aged 8 months a theme song within one British soap opera named EastEnders.

The duo love mom’s tune and it’s evident through their laughter. You have to watch how the one of the twins dances and laughs until she can’t manage herself any longer. This is too sweet for anyone to miss!

I believe these twins are great dancers in the making. If they are capable of this at such an age, what should we expect of them when they are of age?

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